My experience with Aamen Catering has been most pleasant and I am looking forward to doing business with them again. They offer friendly, personalized and caring service. The food is delicious, wonderfully presented and reasonably priced. We have been looking for such a fuss-free solution to our many home entertainment and community events. We are so happy to have discovered Aamen Catering. Chef Mensah Aziake and his colleagues are kind, professional and really caring people. I can’t wait till I tell all my friends about them.

Lale Eskicioglu


Aamen Catering provided catering services for our wedding and all our guests were impressed with the quality, presentation and taste of the food. We are very glad with using Aamen Catering services for they help make our special day more special. Chef Mensah Aziake keep up the good work !

D & B Torkornoo


This guy is great! Mensah Aziake has prepared several meals for our Church over the last couple of years and I‘m not the only one impressed. The taste and the presentation are second to none, and his prices make it easy for the Church to have him several times a year. He truly loves what he does and his passion for cooking good food is a part of his personality. It’s so easy to recommend Mensah’s top notch company, Aamen Catering.
John Head
Date: 28.11.2012


Aamen Catering Finger Foods Tasting – Dec 5, 2012

“…Keep up your excellent cooking and I hope you will get a lot of orders from the ladies that came to lunch.”

Elsie Tan – (Dec 17, 2012)


“…That was a really good event and Emmanuel did a super job of highlighting his delicious appetizers.”…

Monica Irvine – (Dec 17, 2012)





Mes invités et convives ont bien apprécié les mets que tu nous a préparés l’autre jour. Il ne restait pas grand chose, laisse-moi te dire! Plusieurs des femmes auraient voulu avoir la recette des ‘dips’ pour les utiliser à l’avenir chez eux.


La préparation au polenta a fait fureur, et les brochettes de pétoncles ont toutes été dévorées. Soit que mes convives souffraient tous du jeûne de ramadan et qu’ils avaient atrocement faim ce jour-là, ou soit que ta nourriture était magnifique!


Je te remercie pour le bon repas.


À bientôt,

Robert Shea (August 7, 2013)



Hi Emmanuel,


Thank you for the wonderful dinner last night!  I had eight of my singing friends with me and they all loved it too.  They were oohing and ahing all the through the meal.  I loved the spinach salad with the great dressing. The maple pear soup was exotic. I loved the mashed potatoes with the layer of sweet potatoes in the middle. And I really enjoyed the julienned carrots and turnips which were cooked perfectly just to tender crisp. And of course the tender and tasty chicken and gravy.  IE  I loved it all.


You are marvelous.  I don’t know how you did it, working two jobs and being a new father and making time to cook for us!  Amazing


I pray for you and Rebecca.  And I pray that you will get enough rest Emmanuel.  May God protect you and surround your family in his arms.


Many blessings, Anne


Anne Houston (November 3, 2013)


Amen catering put together an impressive menu for our cocktail party of almost 30 people. The food was exquisite and the service fantastic. Many wonderful complements to the chef and his staff! As hosts, we had nothing to do but relax and enjoy with zero clean-up afterwards.

Charles and Debbie de Grasse (November 2016)